What makes Qwerty Cloud different from the rest?

Qwerty Cloud is a new technology allowing you to sync files with your colleagues really fast

Built with usability in mind

We built Qwerty Cloud based on our own experience with cloud storage providers. Our solution overcomes many of the problems that exist with other solutions on the market.

We believe in it so much that we use it ourselves.

There are a number of benefits in moving your storage to the cloud

Security and Encryption

All of the data stored in our cloud is transmited with end to end encryption. Encryption at rest can be configured for added security.

Backup and Data Recovery

We keep daily backups in separate georgraphical locations, using multiple solutions providers for maximum redundancy. 

File Versioning and Snapshot

We hold 180 days worth of revisions for all files, folders and libraries enabling you to roll-back your file system in the event of any issues.

Permission Control

Libraries can be configured with access for specific users and groups for maximum control over sensitive data. Full auditing also allows you to monitor access.

User Management

Users can be added and removed from a centrally managed user administration portal. This makes it easy to expand your team without losing control over its management.

File Locking

Extremely sensitive data can be encrypted on a per library basis giving an extra layer of protection and ensuring only the right teams have access to sensitive data.

qcloud support

Local, Friendly Support

Qwerty Cloud comes with full support from our team of engineers based in Perth, Scotland.

Build to scale

Qwerty Cloud is built to scale along with your storage requirements. The file system can easily handle millions of files and thousands of concurrent users without any issue.

Even at scale, our sync client can handle file system updates seamlessly and within seconds.

Let’s help you grow your business!